Debra Mynar


A public-spirited woman learning at the intersection of community, learning, and technology.


MISSION: vibrant communities of engaged members


1. To facilitate the development of opportunities for everyone to build connected networks and to become active participants in their community experiences.

2. To develop communities and community resources supporting goals and growth - personal, academic, social - as members work to bring about change within themselves, within their communities, and around the world.

The first step was building World Campus Psychology Club, an online learning community and Penn State's first online student organization, which primarily supports adult online students as they pursue undergraduate degrees in psychology.

Currently finishing up a graduate degree in educating adults with a focus on distance education from The Pennsylvania State University, I did not discover my love for learning until campus tours with my daughter convinced me to give college a second try. My life has now been forever transformed through higher education; not only due to opportunities for learning, but also by sharing experiences along the way.

I welcome opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organizations in ongoing efforts to create, enhance, and maintain vibrant communities. What's next?